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Top Class Yachting is a company that specializes in luxury yachts. Our yachts are anchored in the luxurious marina in Herzliya and serve as a unique and prestigious platform for every occasion. All our yachts are equipped with everything necessary to ensure your comfort, enjoyment and privacy.

Our yachts are available for rent for romantic and group events. The staff of Top Class Yachting in Herzliya is a professional team with vast experience and no less important each and every one of the staff has a high awareness of service and understanding that the customer’s desire is a supreme value.

As far as we are concerned, the service starts with you reading these lines, continuing with the telephone conversation with one of our telephone representatives whose sole purpose is to understand what you are dreaming about and how to fulfill your wishes. Whether it’s looking for a cruise in Herzliya, a yacht in Herzliya or a cruise package, and so on. Of course, our team in the field will greet you with a smile, accompany you to the yacht, serve you meals, drink, decorate, take care of and give you professionalism and great pleasure to burn your memory with a magical and unique experience.

We at Top Class Yachting are equipped with a computerized system where we follow every order of each customer, send electronic feedback and make sure to listen to each and every one of you in order to improve and be the best in yacht chartering in Israel.

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